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The Team

George Popov Writer - Director

George Popov Profile.png

Bulgarian born Writer-Director George Popov unique vision, originality, and ability to captivate audiences through thought-provoking narratives set him apart as a distinctive talent in the industry. His recent works have garnered critical acclaim and a growing fan base, showcasing his ability to craft compelling stories that resonate with diverse audiences. 

Still early on in George’s career, his work has already been recognised as making it’s mark on British cinema, with his work HEX (2017) and THE DROVING (2020) featuring in Rob Young's book 'The Magic Box: Viewing Britain through the rectangular window', a catalogue and exploration of culturally defining British films and television, labelled "A lucid and patriotic guided tour" by the New York Times. Both films also received glowing reviews from top UK film critic and writer for Empire Magazine, Kim Newman, who praised the films for breathing life into the folk horror genre.

George has appeared live Q&As, a multitude of podcasts and has been interviewed for various independent filmmaking magazines. 

Jonathan Russell Writer - Producer


Jonathan is a dedicated Screenwriter who has honed his craft over multiple screenplays. With ‘Hex' being praised for its authentic dialogue and 'The Droving' for its compelling characters, his creative partnership with George Popov has been cited as one that injects a ‘unique identity’ into the industry. 

As well as his writing, Jonathan has experience producing Rubicon Films' independent feature films HEX (2017) and THE DROVING (2020), as well as three feature documentaries under his Sideworld multimedia brand. 


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