The Droving

"DEAD MAN'S SHOES meeTs The Wicker Man"

- Screen Stars

"One of if not the best film I have seen this year"

- Another Millennial Reviewer

"The photography is intelligent and beautiful. Some of the framing could pass as fine art" 


"Set pieces that deliver menace and weirdness in equal measure"

- Hope Madden, MadDWOlf


- Geek Legion of Doom 

"isolation, loss and grief are woven throughout and when 'The Droving' gets it right, it's very effective!"

- Hermanos Of Horror

A man returns from the military in search for his lost sister, who mysteriously went missing around the time of a strange traditional festival called 'The Droving'.
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Directed by George Popov
Produced by Jonathan Russell

Cast: Daniel Oldroyd, Suzie Frances Garton, Amy Tyger, Bobby Robertson, Jonathan Lawrence Risdon, John Love, Alexander King


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