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Talks, Seminars and workshops

Tap into our wealth of expertise with talks and workshops led by the dynamic filmmaker and entrepreneur, George Popov. Covering all stages of filmmaking, storytelling and creative branding.

Script consultancy

Elevate your screenplay through our storytelling knowledge, helping to bring your vision to life on the page.

Videography for events

Our skilled camera operators capture events in stylish and unique visuals, capturing key moments that live on forever.


From editing to crafting immersive sound design, scoring and colour grading, we'll breathe life into your project. Our post-production team has experience in various forms of content from music videos and commercials, events and TV to our specialties in narrative film and documentaries.

Graphic Design

Like our style? Utilise our creative skills to transform your project with striking posters, concept art, ads, banners and more.

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