"if you are a fan of period horror you owe yourself to check this one out"

- pop horror

"a satisfying tale with more power than just magic"

- hope madden

"stunning shots captured by cinematographer harry young!"

- film threat

"nothing and no one in this film is quite what it seems to be, and discovering the reality makes for a compelling journey"

- the slaughtered bird

HEX Title.png



"by the final scenes you won't be able to look away"

- movie critic next door

"it builds suspense and unease perfectly"

- the silver screen analysis

"manages to provide a level of quality that many bigger budget movies miss the mark on "

- midnight horror show

"hex proves george popov and jonathan russell to be a competent set of craftsmen and effective storytellers "

- maddwolf

"hex is worth the money, check it out"

- man v film

"excellent use of natural lighting and it creates a strong visual appeal"

- the silverscreen analysis

During the English Civil War, two opposing soldiers find themselves trapped in a forest controlled by a Witch.

"popov and russell prove you can do great things with a good idea, a great cast - and a lot of determination"

- indie red

"locations have clearly been given a tremendous amount of thought and it show"

- beyond the gore


Historical, Horror, Thriller


George Popov


Daniel Oldroyd, William Young, Suzie Frances Garton

"daniel oldroyd and william young have a good on screen chemistry"

- film daddy

"rich dialogue, taut direction, beautiful cinematography and some of the best audio capture i've heard"

- toxic fletch


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